January 30, 2009

€250 Challenge - Days 24/25

Profit: +€1800
It feels like the last week has been about nothing other than losing a bunch of money, to win it back again. You can probably see this in the graph, and it's been fairly frustrating that every day I've taken a big hit early, but I guess should be glad that I've won it back each time.

It's taken me nearly 600 games to get back to where I was before my huge downswing (discarding rakeback and other prizes). Hopefully now I can get my graph to continue on a reasonable up gradient.

Earning an average of €1.60 a game shows just how much of a grind this has been so far. However, I'm reasonably pleased with how things are going currently, I just wish I could just have a sick stint where I don't lose a match like I have occasional stints where I can't win one!

Played: 1161
Won: 626

Lost: 536
Win percentage: 53.9%
Total ROI: 5%
Profit: €1300

Rakeback: €380
Leaderboard Prizes: €145
Avg. Profit per game: €1.62
Hourly Expectation: €16.58

(incorporates rakeback & leaderboard prizes)

Day-One Starting Roll: €250
Yesterday's Starting Roll: €680
Tomorrow's Starting Roll: €750

Just wanted to post this feel-good hand of the day. This guy beat me twice in a row with huge suckouts when I caught him bluffing. Got him here though:

Seat 1: Hero (1910.00)
Seat 2: Villain (2090.00)
Villain post SB 15.00
Hero post BB 30.00
** Deal **
Hero [Jc, Jd]
Villain [xx,xx]
*** Bet Round 1 ***
Villain Raise to 60.00
Hero Raise to 180.00
Villain Call 180.00
*** Flop(Board): *** : [9c, Qh, 5h]
*** Bet Round 2 ***
Hero Check
Villain Check
*** Turn(Board): *** : [9c, Qh, 5h, 8s]
*** Bet Round 3 ***
Hero Bet 270.00
Villain Call 270.00
*** River(Board): *** : [9c, Qh, 5h, 8s, 6s]
*** Bet Round 4 ***
Hero Check
Villain All-in 1640.00
Hero Call 1460.00
*** Showdown ***
Total Pot: 3820.00
Hero shows [Jc, Jd] Pair of jacks Win: 3820.00
Villain shows [Ad, Js] Highest card ace Win: 0.00

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2 Comments to "€250 Challenge - Days 24/25"

Anonymous said...

Nearly 1200 HUSNG in a month is some grindage! I want to hang myself with less than half of that volume!

It is a major grind to get back on track after a downswing but congrats on doing so. I too often just throw in the towel.

Anonymous said...

Nice call that in a horrible board!