January 25, 2009

€250 Challenge - Days 19/20

Profit: +€1200
The weekend really didn't go well. Yesterday I played my ass off to make a €1.50, yes €1.50, profit. And today I barely played, but managed a super-sick run where I literally couldn't win a hand, whether I was 40%, 60%, 80% it didn't matter.

I calculate I roughly broke even the last week, which in some ways could be considered fortunate because of the horrible session I had on Wednesday, but is certainly contrary to my goals, and is not a good outcome considering the low level of games I'm playing and the amount of time I have invested. As far as I'm aware I'm playing as well as I was doing when my graph went in the up direction at a reasonable gradient, I believe it's just one of those runs where things aren't going my way the amount you can averagely expect...

I have decided over the next week to drop down a level to the €10 and €15 games. I'm getting involved with the €30-€50 games too often before my bankroll can take the hit of a bad run, and as only €10/15 games will be working towards the leaderboard I'll work on, I think this makes sense just to see how things go over the next week.

Played: 870
Won: 472

Lost: 399
Win percentage: 54.3%
Total ROI: 3.8%
Profit: €750

Rakeback: €290
Leaderboard Prizes: €145

Avg. Profit per game: €1.35
Hourly Expectation: €13.46

(incorporates RB & Leaderboard prizes)

Starting Bankroll Tomorrow: €475.25

I am depleating my bankroll to exactly 30 €15+0.75 buyins to begin with tommorow. I thought the stats were getting a bit confusing, so I am working things out around profit now, rather than bankroll and cashouts. I am keeping in the practice of cashing out reasonably often for the sake of discipline.

I am now 2/3 of the way through Moshman's Heads-Up book. Gotta say it's good stuff, but a large proportion I have learnt through the thousands of heads ups I have played myself. I guess that's unsurprising. It would definitely be a great tool for someone less familiar with the format, but I'm thinking it might polish my game up a little.

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