January 26, 2009

€250 Challenge - Day Twenty-One (+ BSQ Sponsorship Freeroll)

Profit: +€1400
The dropping a level worked wonders, at least for today. I was playing a more confident game, and possibly a different style to usual; a bit more LAGgy. A win percentage of 67% is definitely more to my liking, although this did include a streak where I ran really hot, so is above expectation.

Even though I've created to play the bankroll a bit higher, I think there is an easier profit to be made at this level.
Played: 918
Won: 504

Lost: 415
Win percentage: 54.9%
Total ROI: 4.7%
Profit: €950

Rakeback: €300
Leaderboard Prizes: €145
Avg. Profit per game: €1.54
Hourly Expectation: €15.48

(incorporates RB & Leaderboard prizes)

Day-One Starting Roll: €250
Yesterday's Starting Roll: €472.50 (30 €15+0.75 buy ins)
Tomorrow's Starting Roll: €630 (40 €15+0.75 buy ins)

I played the Superheavyweight Freeroll on BlueSq last night, very nicely of them they still consider me a VIP from my Tribeca days when I used to win and rake a lot. 13 runners vying for a $5000 sponsorship package. Doubled up early after, 3 betting QQ then calling a 4bet shove; up against the JJ of Mr James Dempsey. Took the chip lead with 8 left winning a flip with TT vs AK all in preflop against Sam Trickett. Was playing well, and taking chips here and there when I could....

However it turned out AQ was to be my downfall. 5-handed I had another coinflip to have just over half the chips in play, 88 vs AQ, but lost this time. Managed to get back in it with a re-shove or two, and then bust the short stack with KT vs A5. Can't remember the hands but I got to heads up approx even in chips. The guy was pretty aggressive, and the one time he limped from the button I had AQ in the bb. I raised 4x and he called; ugly flop of Kxx but I had to c-bet and of course he shoved, and I passed...

Then caught the 2nd best hand a couple of times and found myself 5:1 down. Made a shove on the button J8, which I think is correct generally. He wakes up with, yep, AQ and I don't hit...

Was pretty gutted as $5000 is a lot of money compared to what I'm playing right now. And I was so close I could taste it. It's not as if I haven't had enough practice at heads-up recently either! Ah well, that's how it goes sometimes. Will just have to keep grinding and hopefully more opportunities will arise in the future...

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