January 17, 2009

€250 Challenge - Day Twelve

Profit: +€1050
Managed a higher volume of games today, playing 59 heads ups. Definitely looks like playing as much as possible on the weekend is +ev, lots of players I haven't come across before were playing today, and I was crushing the games this afternoon. I was playing good but also running super good, but why is it that a 'super good' run is never followed by another good or even an okay run? It seems I had to suffer a really bad run just to even things out!

Nevermind, I clawed things back and ended up the day a very nice 10 buy-ins up, winning 61% of the games I played.

Played: 550
Won: 306

Lost: 244
Win percentage: 55.6%
Starting Bankroll: €250
Current Bankroll: €700

Cashed Out: €400
Rakeback: €135
Leaderboard Prizes: €75
Avg. Profit per game: €2.19
Hourly Expectation: €22.81
(incorporates RB & Leaderboard prizes)

Hopefully there will be plenty more days like today!

Will be doing some reading over the next week as I just had Collin Moshman's book "Heads-Up No-Limit Hold 'Em" come through the post this morning. It's meant to be a good book and might help me step my game up another notch...

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