January 14, 2009

€250 Challenge - Day Nine

Starting Roll: €250 - Current Roll: €900
Ugh, today was the day of the cold deck.

AJ on KJJQ, I run into KJ
Q8 on Q863, I run into 66
J8 on J892, I run into QT
KK on T95, he's called a raise with 95!

They're just the recent ones I can remember, it's been like that all day. Somehow I've managed to be up 3 buyins for the day despite that. I feel very confident in my play, which is part of the reason I embarked on this challenge (to regain my confidence), so that is pleasing.

Finding it hard to keep the volume up with these as I was with the €10s and €15s. Sharkscoping, there's definitely more winning players on the €20s, so the difficulty and concentration levels are up. I notice my profit per game for €15 and €20 is currently exactly the same, so potentially it could be more profitable to rinse the €15s as I can play more of them. I guess I will re-evaluate on Monday after leaderboards finish, but my aim was really to climb up the stakes so I'm not sure about this...
Played: 426
Won: 234
Lost: 192
Win percentage: 54.9%

Starting Bankroll: €250
Current Bankroll: €550
Cashed Out: €200
Rakeback: €95
Leaderboard Prizes: €75

Avg. Profit per game: €1.72
Hourly Expectation: €18.29
(incorporates RB & Leaderboard prizes)

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