January 20, 2009

€250 Challenge - Days 13-15

Profit: +€1400
Had a very good run on Sunday, although I only played 19 games, but since then I have been struggling to win money, as you can probably see in my Sharkscope graph below. Don't think I'm doing anything particularly wrong, just one of those runs that happen occasionally.

Perhaps I was jinxed by the git that pipped me for €100 on the leaderboard and left me with €50!! (I didn't play Sunday night as it looked like I had enough points, but he nicked 1 win more than me. No biggie, but it all helps!)

Played: 636
Won: 353

Lost: 283
Win percentage: 55.5%
Starting Bankroll: €250
Current Bankroll: €750

Cashed Out: €600
Rakeback: €175
Leaderboard Prizes: €125
Avg. Profit per game: €2.32
Hourly Expectation: €23.71
(incorporates RB & Leaderboard prizes)

The Heads-Up book I mentioned in my last post has some interesting ideas, but since I started reading it, I haven't been doing as well! Will have to see if there is any correlation there the more I get through it and the more I play!

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2 Comments to "€250 Challenge - Days 13-15"

Amatay said...

making gd progress. wat lims do u normally play then m8

Unknown said...

Hey man,

I've played everything over the last 3 years. Made my original poker bankroll from $200-$1000 Heads Ups on Tribeca.

6 months ago was playing €100 HU as standard, but got bored and moved to limit. Dealt with a downswing by jumping to €200-€500 HU and ran really really bad.

Took a step back to do this challenge, and I'm pretty happy with the money I'm making really. Enough to tide me over. Won't be jumping stakes too fast!