January 13, 2009

€250 Challenge - Days 7 & 8

Starting Roll: €250 - Current Roll: €850
Had Sunday off, and haven't played the greatest quantity since my last post. I managed to hit 3rd in the sit and go leaderboard to add €75 to my roll. I have decided to jump to the €20 Heads Ups this week, which count towards a bigger leaderboard . Almost played another week of €10s & €15s but after doing some reading on 2+2, it's thought €500 is a big enough roll to tackle €20s, and to be fair I'd like to jump up as fast as is sensible as I know I have a positive ROI at much bigger games...

I think there are less absolute donks in the €20s. I'm averaging 8 games an hour on these so far, rather than 11 with €10s & €15s (2 tabling most of the time). Gonna have to put in some hours this week if I want a decent piece from the leaderboard. Had a stretch where I won 9/10 today, only to lose 3 in a row. Thought it best to retire for the day at that point.

Played: 391
Won: 214
Lost: 177
Win percentage: 54.7%
Starting Bankroll: €250
Current Bankroll: €500
Cashed Out: €200
Rakeback: €85
Leaderboard Prizes: €75

I've been cashing out at numerous intervals, as I'm happy with the pace at which things are going. Definitely liking the stats so far, hoping I can keep going this steady, and climb through the levels briskly but comfortably...

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3 Comments to "€250 Challenge - Days 7 & 8"

goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......

Anonymous said...

James, can I please ask how many tables / hours you play in a typical session?

I am doing a challenge similar to yours except I am building from $150 and starting at the $5.25 games, taking a shot at the $10's once I get to $210.

13 days of play and I have only played 87 but do have an ITM of 56.3%, but I know I can/should be playing more

Unknown said...

Hey Matt,

I was really ploughing them out that first week, playing between 40-70 a day. That's 4-5 hours worth of table time.

The problem is I find them tedious after a while. I tried playing 3 at once but found it unprofitable.

Generally speaking, I play 2 at a time, and I'd say 30 a day is a normal day, 50 is quite a hard day, and 65+ = hard graft!

A session varies man, seem to take a break every hour and a half at least.

Thanks for reading the blog :) Good luck building your roll!