January 22, 2009

€250 Challenge - Damage Limitation (Days 16/17)

Profit: +€1100
Had the ugliest of ugly days yesterday, and my stats and my sharkscope graph have definitely taken a turn for the worse. I started the day off winning on the 20s, but then unprecedentedly lost 5 or 6 €20 games in a row. I went fish hunting on €30 and €40 games (not sitting, but playing the losing players who sat) and ran pretty bad. This then expanded to the €30-€100 range. By the time I managed to level out my losing streak I was down a hefty €500 - and that's accounting for the days rakeback! :-(

€20, P:16 W:7 - €30, P:11 W:5 - €40, P:5 W:4 - €50, P:21 W:10 - €75, P:3 W:0 - €100, P:6 W:2

Makes for bleak reading, and I am very annoyed with myself for jumping up way too soon. What was noticeable to me in the 62 games was that I ran really bad at all-in showdowns, especially coinflips and 70%ers. But it wouldn't have been such a bad day if these had all been inflicted on the €20-30 level, so I really only have myself to blame. That's what a 45% winrate (my winrate yesterday) can do to you if you play the wrong games.

Fortunately I've managed to come to my senses today, and have managed to claw back just about a third of yesterdays losses, simply playing 23 games of €20s and 'fish hunting' 4 games of €30. And that includes 2 people dirtily coming back from the dead from less than 200 chips, getting their money in 30:70 against me 5 hands in a row each, and both winning all 5!

I did inflict my worst beat on someone today though. First level, dead even in chips, I 4-bet shoved A7ss on a 4d 5s 7c flop (his over-3bet felt like a 6 at the time, based on my previous play with him). But he actually had 44 and I was drawing dead. Well obviously not quite or this story wouldn't be here, it somehow came runner runner spades to give me a very fortunate pot.

The cards got me back later though. 1st level I raise KQcc on the button, villain calls, flop Ad Kd Qd. He open shoves for six times the pot. I assume he has something like Ac 8d, but I can't fold to this odd shove. He flips a bizaare Qs 6s.

Anywayz here's the not-so-impressive-anymore graph:

Played: 730
Won: 402

Lost: 328
Win percentage: 55.1%
Total ROI: 5.2% (Sharkscope calcuated)
Starting Bankroll: €250
Current Bankroll: €700

Cashed Out: €300
Rakeback: €225
Leaderboard Prizes: €125

Avg. Profit per game: €1.64
Hourly Expectation: €16.53
(incorporates RB & Leaderboard prizes)

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