October 04, 2008

APAT Am-Pro £300 Freezeout, Luton

Having heard good things about the APAT in magazines and seeing that numerous members of Blonde would be attending, I thought I'd take a crack at this one with it allowing professionals and having a serious buy-in. I used this as the 2nd of my 3-part installment sponsorship by poker.co.uk (thanks Matt).

I have to say it was an enjoyable tournament, with a good atmosphere and v.well organised.

Early doors I had an interesting hand where I called a raise preflop in the big blind with 9Ts. The flop came 9TJ and I check called bets on the flop and the blank turn intending to make it look like I was chasing a straight. Unfortunately (or as it turned out, fortunately) the Q hit the river, and I check folded to a fairly hefty river bet. Later on he said he flopped the nuts with KQ, and he's the kind of guy I believe in this situation. So it could have been worse, but I had still dipped to 6k now from a 10k starting stack.

From there I gradually built my stack winning quite a few reasonably-small pots. I was only ever all-in twice in this tournament. The first time was an all-in 4 bet from the small blind after the button raised then 3 bet my re-raise to which he passed.

Having gone into the break with 17k, I was still hovering around this mark an hour after play resumed. I tried a raise with 9T of hearts having been quiet for 3 rounds or so. I was re-popped preflop by an aggressive player, and getting almost 4 to 1 on a call I thought I'd take a risk here. The 2s 4c 4c flop wasn't exactly what I was looking for. Check fold.

A few hands later, now on 12k and blinds at 300/600 I made a raise to 1700 under the gun with red nines. BB calls, he has about 1k less than me in chips. Flop comes K74 all diamonds. He leads out and my decision was that this bet wasn't strong and I moved all-in.

He insta-called me, in such a way which led me to enquire "Aces?!", but which was mistaken for me declaring that I had Aces, which he sounded not pleased about. I now meekly turned over my not-so-impressive nines. He tabled a little surprising KT of spades. Surprising because this was for his tournament life and there's a LOT of hands I could have raising UTG that beat him. However I can't fault him as in essence it was the correct call, and no diamonds or nines hit.

I got a walk in the big blind with my remaining 1k stack. Sadly no fun spin up as I went with K6 in the small blind up against a raiser who held 55. A five on the turn sealed my fate and sent me on the 2 hour drive home.

I felt I played well all day and I'm not unhappy with how I played my exit-hand. I enjoyed the tournament, met a couple of nice people, played some good poker....but left with that inevitable disappointment that you always feel when exiting a multi table tourney...

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