September 12, 2008

All over the place...

Since my last post things seem to have gone all way-ward.

I took a couple of weeks off at the end of August to go on holiday in Lanzarote. I was intending to play a little while I was over there, but there was no internet connection as promised so that didn't happen.

I seem to have jinxed myself with a post on Blonde Poker about how Heads-Ups were going well and how my hourly rate was looking good. Since I made that post I haven't been able to get going with heads ups. I had a couple of fairly big downswings, but managed to get things even...the first two times. A few days ago I suffered a big downswing and haven't played heads up since, I think I need to get my head straight before I go back there.

Also I've been messing around with other forms of poker which I don't know where it's going. This was initially for the rake race on Boss...until I saw even 6-tabling mid-stakes limit for mental hours per day wouldn't see me make the top 5 so I quit after one day. However it was profitable so I have looked into it on iPoker. However in 10,000 hands I have only made $500, 5 tabling $2-4 to $5-10, plus about $300 rake for the second half of hands. It's such a tedious form of poker I'm not sure I want to pursue it, but I might for the short term.

I might also migrate to playing Full Table SNGs for a week due to another promotion, but perhaps the same thing will happen with that as happened to the rake race.

In the midst of all this I played the £300 main event at Dusk Til Dawn's Monthly 1-2-3 Festival. Mr Matt Dale was kind enough to put me in as the first installment of a "thank you" for reaching an astronomical milestone in rake. Sadly I couldn't return the favour as I bust out in the second level. I was enjoying the table which featured Lucy Rokache. I made 75 whole chips picking up KKs in the very first hand; flopping a set.

Built up to 11k in the first level, then had 3 hands where it all went wrong.

#1 - Dude limped UTG, I followed suit with KJ, a couple of limpers then a small BB raise which everyone called. J82 rainbow flop. UTG led out, I called everyone else folded. 4 turn. He bet big. I couldn't put this guy on a hand that beat me. I ruled out a set, couldn't believe he had 2 pair after limping UTG. So I called. He value bet the 2 river so I also ruled out a bluff. I figured QJ was definite possibility and called. He tabled AJ. Perhaps I could've got away from this but not under my own evaluation. AJ was the only thing that beat me but didn't think he'd limp UTG with it. So I'm now down to 7k.

#2 - Couple of limpers, I limp with Ah 5h on the button. Q94 with 2 hearts. Mid-Posn limper bets, I call, SB 3 bets to 1200, we both call. Blank turn. Mid-posn leads out and I pass. Was happy to see no heart on the river, but that's 1300 more chips down.

#3 - Couple of limpers again, I have 66s and limp. Button raises 4x. Limpers both call, so do I. 578 rainbow. I check raise all-in. 10 outs against basically any hand except a set; I think this is the right move. He has QQs and I miss my outs and exit early.

...I'm just looking to get back on track now and figure out what the best way for me to do that is.

I'm retiring my Heads Up stats, I managed to do this at 1000 games. I'll probably start up again but not sure when just yet...

Here they are:

Played: 1000
Won: 559
Lost: 441
Win %: 56%
Profit per Game: €11

Looking at the maths there I think I will return to playing heads up, I just need to get my discipline back before I do...

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3 Comments to "All over the place..."

Eugene said...

Hi James,

I think the turn is an easy fold. You pretty much have no idea where you are in this hand considering there were about 4-5 people calling the bb's raise. I don't really understand why you're rulling out a set there (was it a read on the player?), he can just as easely have 2's or 8's. Also betting into the field with 3-4 people left to act in a limped pot is a very strong move, there is really no point for you to commit 30% of your stack in this hand. Also I believe you neglected to say what the river was, as there maybe another line that could have been taken. By the way, this is just my opinion on the hand, not trying to bash you.
Hand 2 i think you should be re-raising here, putting pressure on the original raiser and the bb. If the bb shoves than it's an easy fold, but he can just as easely be 3betting there with kq (live donkey). If the bb calls you'll at least get a free card on the turn and reevaluate as it comes.
Hand 3 is pretty standard, a stop'n'go would have been just as good. gl to you in the future

Unknown said...

Yeah I admit Hand 1 isn't way he leads out with a set on this board with so many players imo. The river was a deuce pairing the board. No way he has a deuce. In a deepstack the right play is to fold the turn though I guess. You are correct I shouldn't have lost 30% of my stack here.

#2, I did consider raising, but had the guy betting on a big hand, and didn't want to rest my tournament on a flush draw, albeit the nut flush draw. Dude led out with top 2 pair so my read was right.

But thanks for your comment :) said...

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