September 22, 2008

1 week turbo STT marathon...

I have just completed what can only be described as an epic one week marathon to cash as many times in single table NLHE tournaments as possible. This came about due to a promotion on Boss Media that was offering cash prizes to the people that earnt the most points.

Tournament specification:
*10 entrants
*€20+2 buy-in
*1500 starting chips
*3 minute blind levels

In each individual tournament...
1st = €100 and 5 points
2nd = €60 and 3 points
3rd = €40 and 2 points

After an incredibly grueling week, playing a good 10+ hours a day and often 6-7 tables at a time, I managed to earn 1139 points in 1075 games. This was good enough for 2nd place in the leaderboard, and a €2000 prize. Leaderboard is below:

1 €5,000 Matias K 1371
2 €2,000 James A 1139
3 €1,500 Joao C 1082
4 €1,000 Juha-Rauno L 831
5 €650 Ingo M 680
6 €450 Jon H 657
7 €300 Patrik S 649
8 €250 Janne A 471
9 €200 Soren L 461
10 €150 Tero S 409

I've never played so much poker in one week, and I'm thankful it's over, but I am pleased with my accomplishment. Although I didn't make much more than the €2k prize, as only rakeback and a deposit bonus ensured that I made a profit in the actual games themselves, it has helped me get into a good frame of mind after being "all over the place" as I was saying in my last post. Perhaps it's not the easiest money I've ever earned, but perhaps winning this money feels particularly good because it was hard-earned.

I had a real rough start to the week when I took a big dip of up to 60 buy-ins as I apparently struggled to get to grips with the format of the tournaments. After the first day though I started to play them optimally and over the course of the next 5 days I gradually grinded my way back to the break even point. Sadly the last day I had 15 buy-in downswing thanks to a rough day of cards where I kept running into aces yet never being dealt them.

Still, I was able to pip my nearest rival to 2nd place on this last day so nevermind. I was never really in contention for 1st place, that guy was a sicko to have been able to play any more than I did, I'd played a good days worth of games than me.

I catalougued the week long crusade on blonde poker, and that thread is here should anyone be interested: Click here

Will keep you posted on what I intend to do now, but a couple of days off is definitely needed after staring at a screen all week!

I do know that I will be playing the World Heads-up Championship in Barcelona in a months time, more details on that at a later date....

Cheers for now!...

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1 Comment to "1 week turbo STT marathon..."

Anonymous said...

I'm trusting sharkscope for my stats cos there's no vway of keeping up with all the games I'm playing, and Poker Tracker doesn't support Boss STTs. Sadly Sharkscope seems not all that accurate cos it's saying I've earnt 144 points so far and according to the last update of the table I'm on 167.

Not a good start in terms of results. Am a bit worried I'm playing too many tables, I know turbos are swingy but seems like a rather long sustained bad run :( I've been unlucky heads up a lot is part of the problem I think...

So far:

1st: 9
2nd: 19
3rd: 21
4th-10th: 118

Hours played: 10.5

Points (according to leaderboard): 167.


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