August 01, 2008

July Summary

It seems I've finally found a schedule I can work to. So far the playing throughout the daytime plan is working. I'm running good on the heads-ups and as my sample becomes larger, the more it becomes reflective of my me belief I can keep this going.

Having started into July, and taking a week off due to my brother's wedding and a friend's birthday day out to Alton Towers among other things, I guess I still only have about 2 weeks worth of data. However these are my stats for that time:
Heads Ups Played: 419
Won: 246
Lost: 173
Win %: 59%
ROI: 15%
Avg. Profit per HU: €16

And my Sharkscope graph for that period of games:
On a side note I did go to Dusk 'til Dawn a couple of weeks ago cos I was itching to play live. I played the satellite to the £750 main event of their recent mini-festival. I really really should have won a seat but I made a couple of small errors as I tend to do in satellites. However I did make the cash bubble of £570. Perhaps this was a good thing in terms of sensibility as it led me to keep the money and not play the event. £750 is too much of an outlay yet. I want to keep building my roll and perhaps rejoin the tournament scene after a few more months of grinding.

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