July 12, 2008

General Update

It's been a while since I updated so I thought I should do so...

Since my last post I've suffered a couple of big downswings. I've still been achieving around a 57% win ratio...but I took a couple of shots playing a series of higher stakes heads ups, €200-€500, and had sick sessions both times. Although I was ridiculously unlucky (I lost 7 in a row at one point, which is unprecedented for me I think), I shouldn't have been playing them so it's my own fault. If it wasn't for my dodgy game selection/bankroll management I'd make so much more from poker.

However, I started a new gameplan a few days ago. It essentially involves treating this heads-up regime a bit more like a 'normal job'. I'm waking up at 9.30am and playing throughout the daytime 'til about 5.30pm; rather than waking up whenever I feel like (often 11.30am-1pm) and playing sporadically throughout the day, night and early morning. I was worried that there would be more professionals in the day, as the fish probably have jobs and are at work, but so far the players seem mostly soft. It means I can relax more in the evenings, and I think my girlfriend appreciates me not spending my evenings shouting at the computer when some donkey hits a 3-outer!

I am strictly playing €50 and €100 heads ups, and the only time I am allowed to play €200 is if I see an uberfish sitting at the table. So far it's going well.

So far, I've got a 59% win average, a 15% R.O.I., am making €17 per Heads Up and am playing about 25-30 Heads ups per day.

However this is only a 5 day, 130 Heads ups played sample, so we'll have to see how it goes!

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