June 05, 2008

May Summary

May was an interesting month. I decided not to pursue the Geoff sponsorship just because I felt more comfortable playing with my own bankroll. I didn't have the best start and there was a lot of pressure on me, and seeing as I can fund the kind of games I was playing myself I made that decision.

I actually took a couple of weeks off after that cos I was feeling frustrated with things. Had a mini-great run on Pacific Poker playing $1/2 based on some advice from Dan Carter, but I don't think it's the game for me just now. I might pursue that at a later date. Since May 22nd I've been playing a lot of heads up and the occasional multi. Had a weirdly bad run in the 50 euro games but have been doing better in the others. It's been pretty slim margins but I came out with a reasonable profit at the end of it.

€50 Heads Up.....Played: 86, Won: 35, Lost: 51, Win %: 41%
€100 Heads Up.....Played 219:, Won: 119, Lost: 100, Win %: 54%
€200 Heads Up.....Played: 55, Won: 33, Lost: 22, Win %: 60%
€Misc Heads Up*.....Played: 23, Won: 16, Lost: 7, Win %: 70%
*Mostly the new €75 and €150 games and a few €300s in there too

Played: 376
Won: 197
Lost: 179
Win Percentage: 52.5%

So slim margin, but the losses came in the lowest game I was playing so a steady month all in all...

Plan for June....
Keep rinsing the heads up games on Boss. Will be looking for some live action soon seeing as I'm missing out on the World Series this summer

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