June 12, 2008

I won another poker tournament!

Yes another monster to add to my fairly recent €10 rebuy sucess......a €20 freezeout!

Still, I was very happy with the cash I picked up for 1st, certainly feels better than a day of grinding out the heads ups (although I did that as well today in fairness).

208 runners in this one...

I certainly rode my luck at times, and for the first time I saw value in the "chip and a chair" cliché. With about 50 players left I lost a 3 way pot holding 77s against AJ and another AJ where the A hit, and I was down to 1000 chips when the average was 8000 and the blinds at 200/400. I shoved a K7 into QQ and rivered some kind of dodgy straight with the 7! I definitely remember shoving T4s from the sb and the bb had KQs and I sucked out there too.

I worked my way up to average and from there started playing a really good game. I came into my own with 2 tables left and picked my spots well. There was a harsh hand for someone else on the bubble when the ubershortie shoved under the gun, and a semi-stacked player shoved too. I had AK and more chips than him and shoved also. UTG had A5s and the other guy had pocket QQs. I flopped a King to take out the QQs, but he missed out on the money cos the A5s hit a runner runner flush.

I was playing quite aggressive and raising a fair amount of hands cos of the large blinds and antes, and certainly made some nice bets when I got called and flopped nothing.

At one point I made a big laydown with AJs when the big blind shoved for 50k into my 9k raise (most of my stack). I felt he could easily have A rag here cos I'd won a pot off him the previous round when he was in the bb then, but then again he could have had AQ or AK. Also made a reasonably good fold with 77s also when I raised and there was a shortie shoved and an average player shoved too. They held AJ and 99.

I had one ridiculously lucky hand when it got down to the final table. Blinds were at 2,000/4,000 and I had shrivelled to a 25k stack after being forced to fold to a shove after raising and the blinds going through me. I pick up Ad Qd otb. Utg raises and this guy has been playing quite solid, but there's no folding my hand so I shove. Big Blind then shoves and I know I'm in big trouble. Utg flips pocket tens, big blind has the weapons of mass destruction AA. No diamonds and an AK3 flop and I'm assuming it's all over. The J on the turn and I notice the gutshot, but remember that can't really happen cos the utg guy has two of the required tens. But unbelievabley the T hit the river. Sooooo sick! Aces guy still won money from Mr. UTG but still, that's the luckiest hand I remember having, like, ever! (My mate Dafydd who railed me on the final table tells me I was 9% preflop, 0.9% on the flop, and 4.7% on the turn to win the hand)

From there I played like a don mostly, although the guy that got hold of the chip lead did cause me some trouble on my direct right with his weird array of limping and min raising. I managed to build well just from stealing blinds and antes. Won a 99 v AK coinflip against a short stack at some point. Then the coup de grás or whatever that expression is. I picked up QQ utg and made it 20k at 4,000/8,000 with my 110k stack. The button shoves for a bout 45k then the big stack (180k or so) flat calls. I shove for my remaining chips. Chip leader calls surprisingly quickly for his hand. He has 77, the button has AcTc. I flopped top set on QJx but was still sweating it out as the button flopped the nut flush draw along with a gutshot...a blank turn but no boat which would have been nice...but a blank river also meant I took the whole (rather large) pot.

Now I was chip leader with 3 of us left. The donkey with the 77s knocked the other person out quickly with a call with Q8 lucky to be against Q7. I had about 260k to his 150k. On the first hand heads up he min raises to 16k. I call with Q9 off. Flop Q66 with 2 spades. I check, he bets 40k or so. I considered 'walking the dog' but figure a shove is fine here. He calls and I'm not thrilled to see he has As Js. But BOOOM the Q on the turn sealed it all and I took the tourney down.

Some incredible luckboxing mixed with some great play. A great morale boost for my tournament play, and a nice way to break up the grind of heads up!

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3 Comments to "I won another poker tournament!"

Admin said...

Nicely done James. I've always enjoyed the MTT's on that site as really passive late in the game. Can get 5/6 limpers when down to a couple of tables!

A useful tool for checking out your opponents is www.thegreatpokerleague.com as it tracks all Boss Media tourno results. Your profile is here:



Admin said...

Look what happened to your old blog:


Got a bit confused when i clicked the bookmark by accident!

Unknown said...

Hey Jamie,

Thanks a lot for the link! I didn't know about that site, that could come in handy!

Lol @ that random blog, a bit of a different topic to my old one.

Still slogging away at the heads up. I run so bad when I jump up the levels...am starting with €525 every day, playing the low games, and can't reload that day if it I donk it off. Seems to be a good tactic so far. A far cry from my 20/40NL days though! lol...