May 01, 2008

April Summary

April began the road towards a steady poker wage and proved to myself that I am always going to be able to make profit out of Heads-Up STTs and am still an adept tournament player.

What I have also learnt is that I must not bother playing ring-game limit poker anymore. The swings are too big, the suck-outs hurt more than in other forms of poker and I've come to the conclusion that I'm not as good at it as I used to be. So this is me and limit poker cash games parting ways for good.

I will be fully focusing on Heads Up STTs for my own bankroll, and the one I am using for my sponsorship under Geoff.

Here is April's Heads Up Performance:

€50 Heads Up.....Played: 194, Won: 114, Lost: 80, Win %: 59%
€100 Heads Up.....Played 110:, Won: 65, Lost: 46, Win %: 59%
€200 Heads Up.....Played: 22, Won: 16, Lost: 6, Win %: 73%
€Misc Heads Up*.....Played: 23, Won: 14, Lost: 9, Win %: 61%
*Mostly the new €75 and €150 games and a few €300s in there too

Played: 349
Won: 209
Lost: 141
Win Percentage: 60%

So here's to making a lot of money in Heads Ups in May, staying away from all other games except MTTs to break up the monotony, and hopefully I can take another one of those down too...

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1 Comment to "April Summary"

Anonymous said...

Well,sharpen your pencil kid your stats work about +17.50 per SG so at each about 45min you looking at earning about 20/hour. It is turning very much to the daily grind job loosing the glamour of "free money" - nothing to brag about.Spending that time to finish law school give you job earning 200+/hour.
And there could be another better player or luckier wanna-be across the table....