April 21, 2008

I won a poker tournament!

It's been quite a long time since I won a poker tournament, or at least one with a lot of runners, but today I achieved it! I'm not saying I've played all that many, but it does seem like in my poker career I've had so many 2nds, 3rds, 4ths and 5ths, but not that many 1sts. This is something which has bugged me cos essentially I'm a heads up specialist.

254 runners, €10 rebuy.

I actually got sicked for my 1st buyin. Got it all-in on a T-7-2 board with AT against JT and he spiked the jack on the river. I re-bought then rebought again instantly to give me double chips (3k). Can't remember exactly how but worked my way up to 10k chips before I added on.

From there I just grinded my way through the tourney. Picked my spots without picking up any huge hands. I can honestly say I didn't suck out once in the whole tournament. Admittedly, no-one really sucked out on me either, but if my chips were all in the middle I was ahead.

On the final table I was probably 7th/10, but gained a nice stack when two people limped in and I had T6s in the small blind and limped. The flop came down AT6 which was beautiful. The first limper bet the minimum, the next guy raised 4x that bet, and I moved in for a bit of an underaise. I figured I'd be battling a strong ace but he flipped over pocket eights for a conspicuous call and missed his 2 outs.

Managed to hold my own until the shovefest began. Picked my spots correctly until 4 handed I shoved A6s UTG and got called by AKs. I missed and was left with about 100k with approx 900 in play. A round later though I picked up my first pair of Kings and UTG raised so I shoved for a major underraise. He had A9 of diamonds and the flop came 9 high with 2 diamonds!!! Somehow I faded the turn and the river. I then picked up Aces for the first time UTG. I shoved and the guy I'd put down to 80k called with KTs. He flopped a gut shot straight and a flush draw!!! I faded it again!!!!!

It was now about my 300k vs 400k and 200k. I picked my spots to shove and fortunately didn't get called. The 400k stack knocked out the 200k stack and I was heads-up about a 2-1 dog.

It didn't last many hands. I made a huge move, raising the turn on a 66KK board after he bet the flop and turn holding T7 off. I shoved the river and thank god he folded. Now I was 2-1 leader. I shoved A7s the next hand. He called with KJ, flopped a King but I turned the nut flush and TOOK IT DOWN!!!

Not the hugest win anyone's ever had but a big confidence booster. And over a €1800 return from a €40 outlay is certainly not to be sniffed at!!

Ironic that I posted last night that MTTs weren't proving to be profitable, hopefully this is a turn around of that statement!!

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Admin said...

Nice result James.