March 30, 2008

Checking out Dusk 'til Dawn

I have been good and haven't played poker for several weeks in my quest to finish my studies. My last exam is on April 24th, so I anticipate returning to the tables soon after.

However I have been itching to play poker so allowed myself to go and play a very small live tournament. I hadn't yet made it down to Dusk 'til Dawn, and with rave reviews and it only being an hours drive I thought I'd check it out.

There sure have got the place spot on. It's the nicest cardroom I've ever been in. Layout is great. Tables and chips are nice. Staff are friendly. I shall certainly be returning...

The tournament was a £50 freezeout affair with 129 runners.

In about level 4 I had to make a pot-commited call with KTs against AQ which put me to below half starting stack and about 1/4 of the average stack. Somehow though I rallied. I picked my spots, and was only in a showdown once with Q9 vs Q6 and I worked my way up to 20k in chips when the average was about 18.

From there I won showdowns against shorter stacks with AK vs A7 and ATs vs 67s. Made a huge error with Aces though. After raising early I got re-raised. I thought he was all in and called and flip my cards over. But he actually had like 20k back. So amateurish, I've only ever done that once before like 2 years ago. He checked it down and I won the pot, but could've had all his chips cos he had queens.

Had an interesting hand where my friend on the circuit Alan Vinnecombe shoved with 55and I moved in on the button with 99 that could have put him on the bubble. It came down A23.......5.........4 for a split.

Blinds were huge on the final table. The only hand I picked up for 3 rounds was 66 on the button to steal. Shoved with A7 on the button a couple of rounds later and the big blind made a dodgy call with K8h. He flopped a flush draw then turned a king and I was crippled. Got lucky to double up shoving with K7s into A6o. Then lost another 60:40 calling the small blind's all-in with A8s, he had JQ and turned a Jack.

I bust shoving K7 from the small blind into the big blind. He was getting about 2 to 1, but I still think he could've folded his 23 off. He flopped a 3 which was good enough to send me packing in 5th place for £420.

Losing 3 pots where I was at least a 60% favourite sucked, would certainly have gained the better money had I won them. Still, I was reasonably happy with the win, and it leaves me with some confidence for when I start back playing.

I really need to start playing more live tournaments. My record of final tables is crazy. I wish I'd kept an accurate record. I think the plan is to build a roll playing heads-up STTs, play MTTs on Sundays, and plow a resonable proportion of my profits into live tournaments.

Anyway, def go check out DTD if you live closeby. I'll be returning to full blogging in a few weeks time...