February 10, 2008


I have gone through the rigmeroll (I can't believe I guessed the spelling of that right, I just looked it up!) of registering a new name on poker.co.uk ('Atkinator') so that my sharkscope statistics will start from scratch and I can post up graphs and stuff on this blog as my play progresses.

I am feeling really positive about this fresh start. I am about half way through this poker book recommended by Dan Carter called "The Poker Mindset," and all I can say it is very perceptive and has some great advice. It is all about the psychology of poker, nothing to do with strategy. I am convinced it is going to help me in the long-term and I advise any poker-pros reading to go buy it!

(click here for its Amazon page)

Still planning to start my heads-up onslaught on Thursday or so, although Stuart Rutter has perhaps talked me into checking out one or two tournaments in Walsall this week...

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