July 04, 2007

Las Vegas Day Eight - Hottiefest?!

Thursday 21st June

Tournaments Played: $1000 NLH Freezeout, Bellagio Nightly

I had a good session at $30/60, and was up about $1700 up over 6 hours. I was quite keen to stay at the table as there was a very pretty girl sitting opposite, she even sorted me out with some lunch; my kind of girl!

I decided to play the 8pm tourney again. My first table was really fun, with everyone chatting and having a laugh, which is exactly the way I like to play poker. Also there was yet another hottie at the table, (unprecedented!). I picked up KK under the gun early on, 2 callers. It came down King high, and I made a small lead out but of course they both passed! From there I was going good guns on this table, gradually building up to $12k in chips.

I was then moved to the very left of Vanessa Rousso. She's also incredibly attractive, but also she's very nice. I even stacked her chips while she ate a danish at one point. I was hoping we'd both go deep in the tourney! We were both well chipped so I was hoping we'd stay out of each others way, but of course almost everytime I had a big hand she was involved. A rather humours hand occured when she raised in mid position and I called with AK off. It came down an unattractive T72, check check. She then led out the 6 turn, and I made the call putting her on AK or AQ (hopefully the latter). The river was a 7, she checked and I made the comment "I think we have the same hand" as I checked. She said "I really don't think we do", and eagerly flipped her cards over. She had pocket sevens for quads!!! Boy did I feel stupid, lol.

I picked up a nice pot against a mid-position raiser when I called in the big blind with 95s. It came down A95 and she moved all in after my check, and I of course insta call. She had AQ and my two-pair held up. The next round Vanessa Rousso raises on the button. Once more I have AK, and raise it up. The big blind, who I have down as a very-tight player, then moves all-in. Rousso reluctantly folds. I do some quick maths and I'm getting 2:1 pot odds on the call. He has to have Jacks or better here but it's only a bad call if he has aces. I make the call and he flips QQ for a coin-flip, and it's a coin-flip which cost me a good chunk of chips. I manage to recover some chips in the next level picking up small pots, a friendly face Carlo Citrone joins the table, but we're soon to be redrawn for the final 3 tables as we're down to 27 players from 90.

I have about average chips on my new table. Every hand is being raised with 1200 in the pot each hand at 300/600 (50). The guy to my left loses about a third of his chips in a hand after he got rivered. He then raises to $2.5k the next hand, but it looked semi-annoyed and semi-reluctant. I'm sure this guy has a hand he can pass. So I move in for about $16k with Ah 9h hoping I can get him to fold. It folds round to him and he thinks for about 3 minutes. He then says "f*** it" and calls. I know this is a bad omen, he's blatantly made a marginal call which has left me in a spot where my best case scenario is a coin flip. I guess it's fortunate that it is an even money shot as he flips 88s. I'm so annoyed by this call, it's one he doesn't need to make: what are the chances I have 77s or 66s here? These thoughts are put aside when the flop comes down AKJ and I'm looking forward to doubling up. That is until the incredibly ugly 8 on the river.

I guess you're never happy when you bust out of a tournament, but going out on a good move where the guy should pass will never not me up!

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