July 04, 2007

General Update

I ended up leaving Las Vegas a little early. I was by myself a lot of the time and had a couple of early exits on coin-flips and bad beats in the Venitican daily and Bellagio nightly tournaments on Day 9 and 11. I had a couple of days off of poker before I left and headed home.

I just bought a new car so I'm excited about that and look forward to picking it up most likely the beginning of next week.

I'm going to be starting a Heads-Up Mission in online poker. I'm going to see how I do online for the forseeable future playing almost solely heads up STTS. This is how I made my original bankroll, and I had a good run at it this time last year, so I'm going to be reporting daily on my results and statistics when I start that, which will probably next week.

I expect I'll be heading to Newcastle for the next GUKPT event in a couple weeks.


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1 Comment to "General Update"

lucky_scrote said...

Yeh james tear up those HU...

Will see you at Newcastle!!