June 16, 2007

Vegas: Quick Update

Quick update, I will write a full report soon.

Day 1 - In the nightly $1k tournament at Bellagio, we did a chip count at 6am (I had been awake for 30 hours by this point!) and I took $15.5k for 2nd place

Day 2 - Played my 1st WSOP event, $2k NLH. Got knocked out at 150/300 (25). Raised an UTG raiser in mid position, guy to my left called, UTG folds. I moved all in blind. Flop: 982 rainbow. He dwells for 3 minutes and calls. I flip over KK, he holds AK. Turn: Ace. Gutted.

Next tournament: WSOP $1.5k NLH at the Rio

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1 Comment to "Vegas: Quick Update"

lucky_scrote said...

ouch, 30 hours! Congrats on the 15k though dude!