June 18, 2007

Las Vegas Day Two - Sicked in my first ever WSOP event

Friday 15th June 2007
Tournaments Played: $2000 NLH Freezeout, WSOP Event #25

Having not gone to bed until 6.45am and having been awake 30 straight hours the previous day I was surprised to find myself awake at 10.30am and unable to get back to sleep. I was too eager to play my first World Series of Poker Event, so I thought "sod it" and went to play it. It was Event #25, $2000 NLH Freezeout.

The poker room in the Rio is so vast it's quite intimidating to think you have to go past all these people to make the money. Today there were 1600 runners and I was whacked into the pavillion outside, with little or no air-con! I actually started off really well, and got up to 12,000 chips (3 times the starting stack) by the 4th level, without ever being all in and with few
showdowns. Just how you want it. However I lost about half my stack when I rivered a flush, only to be beaten by a higher flush. The button made a 2.5x raise, the small blind called and I called in the BB with 9c 5c. It came down Jc Jd 7s and it got checked round. A 3c on the river and the big blind bet out. I had him for a 7 so called intending to take him off on the river if I missed my flush. But the big blind called also. In retrospect it makes sense that he had a flush draw here, but at the time I thought he was on something like AJ. The river was a low-club and the big blind bet out. I raised him with my flush, but the button flat called behind. The small blind folded and the button showed Kc Qc.

Soon after I was moved tables and straight away there was a short break. After that the blinds were now 150/300 and I had just under 6000 chips. Despite having lost this previous hand I was still very comfortable. On about the 3rd hand in thee new level I was dealt pocket Kings. Under the gun raised it up to 900, so I re-raised to 2500. The guy to my left took a while to think, but flat called. I'm putting him on a big hand here such as JJ or QQ. When the original raiser folds, I move all-in in the dark (I figure with the chip stacks I'm not going to be able to get away from it if he flops a set, and I didn't want to slow down if an Ace hit the board when I wasn't sure that was what he had). The flop came down what seemed a beautiful 9c 7d 3c. He's looking me up and down for at least 3 minutes. I'm doing my best to look uncomfortable without overdoing it. I'm not sure if it worked, but I managed to get the call and he flips over Ah Kh??! Sadly I don't have time to be too happy about it as the unlikely Ace hits the turn. Sick! I make a quick departure as the table continues to gasp. I got the standard "sorry" from Mr. AK. Why do people say this?! If I suck-out on someone I will say "bad luck" but never sorry because it would be lying!

It was 5pm and I headed straight back to my hotel to catch up on some sleep. My hotel phone awoke me at about the 9pm mark with Rob Sherwood asking me to join him and his mate for a few quiet beers, which sounded good to me. However the next thing I know it's 5am and I'm still in bed! Oops!! I guess that 30-hour marathon session was catching up with me!

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